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At the People's Church we believe that baptism is something that Jesus commands those who love him to do -'believe and be baptised'. Baptism in the Bible involved being fully covered in water, symbolic of a grave in which we die to our old lives and become reborn as we're given new life in Jesus. 

We love to baptise anyone who loves Jesus and accepts him as Lord and Saviour as long as they are old enough to make that life-long decision for themselves. This also means that we don't baptise infants. 

We believe that children are a gift from God and love to celebrate their births through a special dedication or thanksgiving service. These services usually involve thanking God for the child and asking for God's blessing upon their lives. Usually the parents and god-parents will promise to teach and help children to develop and grow in their own relationship with Jesus. 

If you would like to speak to us about baptism or a thanksgiving service for your child, please do get in touch with us. 

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