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Free activities and events for Partington and Carrington families and residents

Love Partington is all about blessing the local community, connecting with families and providing much needed resources and contact points for families in Partington and Carrington and beyond. 

Throughout the year we run a packed  calendar of free events which ranges from fun days to quiz nights to day trips to turning the whole church into Bethlehem! Love Partington takes dozens of volunteers - at times the entire church get involved but it's a lovely way to get to know new people, to provide a fantastic service for the whole community and to bring thousands of non-church members each year into the church building. 

We've run almost a hundred events for the community over the last couple of years. Here are some examples. 


At Easter 2019 we created a free easter trail starting in the town centre, taking a route around town via 6 'stations' with eggs to find along the way. The trail was on for a week and we worked together with 2 other churches and 2 local organisations to help local families engage with the Easter story in a whole new, creative way. Each station had an activity, key questions and a practical response to engage with. Hundreds of people enjoyed the trail. 


This event has been done twice over the last few Christmas's - albeit in slightly different ways. Most recently we  turned the church and its grounds into 'Bethlehem', with stalls and areas each using activities, crafts and plenty of props to help immerse families in the nativity story and bring the birth of Jesus to life. We even had real live donkey rides! 


During the summer of 2016 Love Partington ran over 20 full days of activities and provided lunch for around 100 children each day. These activities included turning the church into a planetarium, a circus, a zoo and even an ice rink! This was all rounded off with our annual free fun day. Thousands of children attended over the course of the summer. 

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