Jonathan has been the minister at the People's Church since September 2008. He originally comes from Watford but has lived around Manchester since he was 8 years old. He studied at the Nazarene Theological College in Manchester and served 2 years on a placement with Hope Church Manchester (now Christ Central Manchester) while studying. After completing his studies Jonathan joined the Hope staff for a year overseeing students and 20s work, before God called him to the People's Church. He is married to Caroline, who was a teaching assistant in Little Hulton until she became a mum to their three young children. Caroline was part of Eden Swinton for 4 years, working with the young people of the Valley Estate there. Both Jonathan and Caroline are passionate about seeing a growing, thriving church that is relevant to the culture it finds itself in, sharing the timeless truth of Jesus' Gospel in accessible ways for the people of Partington. Jonathan oversees our team of deacons, Sundays and ministry, teaching and direction. Jonathan is on Sabbatical from mid May - mid August 2019. He will not be contactable on church related matters during that period.



Deacon, overseeing Church Family

Andy Lancey serves the church as our deacon overseeing 'Church Family' which consists of overseeing our teams for Men's and Ladies' ministry, worship, small groups and prayer. He is married to Ruth, and they have two young children. They have been part of the People's Church for a number of years having moved to Partington to coincide with getting married. Following a year of travelling and seeing the world, they both felt God call them to Partington to get involved with the church, and have become committed and active members. Together, Andy and Ruth are directors and pioneers of the Hideaway, a fantastic facility in the heart of the local community. You can find out more about The Hideaway here. Andy, supports Portsmouth FC and the Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Hockey team (any team that begins with P, really). Andy co-ordinates our Men's programme, including the monthly Men's events, and he and Ruth are heavily involved in the worship life of the church. 



Deacon, overseeing Pastoral care

Debbie Burr serves the church as our deacon overseeing Pastoral Care. She has been married to Jonathan for 32 years. They have four grown-up children, two are married and they have recently become grandparents. Debbie was brought up going to church and has been a Christian for more than 40 years. Prior to coming to People’s Church, she was part of a pastoral care team at Altrincham Baptist Church for many years and loves visiting people to encourage and support them. She is also currently studying for a diploma in theology. In leisure time Debbie enjoys going for walks with their Old English Sheepdog, Tess, cooking and baking, as well as meeting friends for coffee.



Deacon, overseeing Community and Mission

Paul Spooner serves the church as our deacon overseeing 'Community and Mission' which covers our regular missional activities such as CAP, Playdate, Love Partington, as well as one offs and special events. Paul is also our church secretary, and has been part of the church for more than 12 years, and has seen God do amazing things in the life of the church and the community. Married to Jan, he is now happily retired from the corporate world of commerce, mergers & acquisitions, and is enjoying his garden with his grandchildren, firing and driving miniature steam trains and of course living in and being part of the Partington community. Paul and Jan have played a key role in the ministry of Christians Against Poverty here in Partington, for Debt and Money Management, and led the recent pioneering of CAP Lifeskills.



Deacon and Treasurer, overseeing Operations

Fiona Norton serves the church as our deacon overseeing 'Operations' which includes all the stuff that keeps the church functioning well! Operations includes oversight of our building, our cleaning team, our systems, policies and practice, as well as finance, book keeping and the role of Church Treasurer. Fiona has been a Christian since the early 90s and moved around the country through different jobs, moving to Manchester in 2004 to work in Finance for a Christian Youth Charity. After a break from work in 2009, Fiona went travelling around some of the world, but on her return felt called to be back in Manchester. After a couple of years, she felt called to be part of People’s Church and moved to Partington to be part of the church family and community here. Numbers may be her job, but she has also been known to do a bit of DIY (even learnt about laying railway track in Wales), loves to take photos of places and nature. Fiona likes to spend time with friends and family, especially with a home cooked meal.



Eden Team Leader

Karen has been a member of our Eden team since 2014 and took on the team leader role in September 2017. Until recently she was also a teacher with TLG Manchester, a school for young people in crisis in their education, but she has stepped back from this work to focus more time on her role with Eden Partington. Before joining the team, Karen completed a Masters in Youth and Community Work and Applied Theology whilst leading the youth work at Deane Parish Church in Bolton and working as a Speech and Language Therapist. 
Karen is passionate about young people knowing that they are loved by God and supporting them in becoming all that they were created to be as they discover their worth and potential. 
If you would like to know more about the work of the Eden team, or think you might want to get involved, contact Karen at karen.greenhalgh@eden-network.org


As a growing church, we have an extended leadership of 'Wider Leaders', made up of people with oversight responsibility for different areas of church life. This includes Kids' Church, Safeguarding, Youth Church, Men's Ministry, Ladies' Ministry, Small Groups, CAP, Community Outreach and others. Our wider leaders are a more fluid group specifically around whether a person is overseeing part of church life, rather than deacons, who are nominated, called and affirmed through the church meeting as those recognised and called by the church to lead and serve the church.


As part of our commitment to love God and love the community, we take the wellbeing and safeguarding of children, young people and adults very seriously. Jill Blower leads our Safeguarding Team, and Debbie Burr is our trustee for Safeguarding. Every person who serves in our children's work and with young people are fully DBS checked, also going through Safeguarding Training and an application process for their roles. A full copy of our safeguarding policy is available upon request.