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The Bible speaks of the church not as a service to attend or as a preacher to listen to but rather as a family to belong to. Our church family is made up of all sorts of people, of all ages and all backgrounds, from grandparents to single parents, from family lines of Partonians to those who have recently moved here and those living in neighbouring communities who have caught something of God’s heart for this place, we are one church family. We gather as one big church family on Sundays but our church family meets in smaller gatherings and small groups through the week at different times and on different days.

As a church family, we love to eat together and hospitality is one of our key values. We gather as a church family once a month, on the last Wednesday of the month where our small groups pause and we come together to eat, to be family, to share testimonies, pray together and enjoy teaching together. We eat together as a church family at other times in the year too, around Easter, Christmas and summer bbqs…. A family that eats together stays together!

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