The People's Church is a wonderful place to explore the Christian faith, find new friendships or just find out a little bit more about who we are, and what we know about God.


Alpha is a course that has been done by millions of people around the globe. It's a fantastic introduction to Christianity and a safe space to ask questions, share your own thoughts and opinions and explore what others thing. 


We love baptism services and believe that baptism is a decision that followers of Jesus should make for themselves when old enough to do so. for infants we often hold thanksgiving or dedication services. 


The People's Church is a great place to explore your faith and understand exactly what Christians believe, and why. This page will tell you a little more about faith.


There are many times in our life when we need prayer and others to support us in that way, especially when we might struggle to pray ourselves. We're always happy to receive prayer requests and support you in that way. 


During our monthly evening gatherings we’ll be exploring some of life’s tough questions and difficult seasons with themes including,  ‘where is God when there's suffering?’ and  ‘how can I deal with anxiety?’


The People's Church is a popular venue for weddings for anyone that might regard People's Church as their home church. We also run the Marriage course, pre-marriage prep and relationship support.