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The Eden team are a group of faithful youth workers dedicated to living and serving the community through working with the young people of Partington. 

Eden Partington is part of the Eden network. Eden teams are made up of Christians who live and volunteer in a community focussing on supporting young people in a whole range of ways. Eden Partington lead all of the youth work at The People’s Church. We have a number of groups and support for young people of different ages, regardless of their own beliefs or faith. 


We also offer one-to-one mentoring sessions to any young person who knows us and feels they would benefit from that kind of support.

If you want to find out more do get in touch via our Facebook Page or email.

If you think you might be being called to move into Partington to join in with what God is doing here, we’d love to help you explore that. You can get the process started by emailing us directly or visiting the website below. 

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