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People's Church has been established in the heart of Partington for over 50 years now. We are called the People’s Church because this is a church for all people, regardless of background, upbringing, family history or current circumstances – God reaches out to all people through Jesus Christ, and invites us to a new life in him.


We are a group of ordinary people who have had a life changing encounter with Jesus. For this reason, we come together as the church to worship Him, to follow Him and to celebrate what he has done in our lives, and we are committed to giving our best energy, to give this part of Greater Manchester the opportunity to experience the fullness of life that Jesus brings... Put simply, we seek to be a community of disciples on God's Mission.

Our church has been located at the Chapel Lane site since 1968, following a 7 year building project undertaken by pastor-builder Gordon Kayes. The church had been gathering for some time before then though, under the name of 'Emmanuel Church' and meeting in a Nissen Hut on 'The Green', having been planted by travelling preacher and evangelist John Pennington. As the church gathered at the new Chapel Lane site, many local people became part of the building project really making it the 'People's' church. The church reached out to the whole cross section of the community and in those early years enjoyed real times of growth and the presence of the Holy Spirit, seeing people come to faith from all walks of life, ex bikers, ex fighters, ex addicts, all sorts of people moved by the love of God. 


This is still in the DNA of our church - we desire to be a Spirit filled people of hope, joy and grace reaching out to and making a difference in our local community. There was a time some 20 years ago when the church community had dwindled to a 'faithful remnant', a handful of older people who were keeping the church and the building going, but God's faithfulness has been incredible and in the past 10-15 years we've seen the church grow steadily, seeing many come to faith, re-connect with church and find a home and a family here. 

The People's Church is a Baptist Church, so we emphasise believers' baptism and the importance of the unity of the church family in coming together to work out what God is leading us to as a church. We are part of the North Western Baptist Association and the Baptists Together network. We seek to be a Biblically faithful and community-loving church, engaged in our locality and impacting neighbouring communities too. We invite you to join us on the journey.... 

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