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  • Jonathan Boyers

First Sundays - 10.30am / 3pm

First Sundays! We're doing things a little differently on the first Sundays of the month in Feb, March, May, June and moving forward (not April as there'll be Easter stuff happening!)

On these first Sundays we are holding 2 (yes 2!) services. We will be meeting at 10.30am as normal in the morning, but this service will be a little stripped back (smaller band, no kids provision in the morning) and we will be continuing in our series in Daniel.

Then in the afternoons we will be holding First Sundays at 3pm. There'll be inspiring life stories, kids provision, songs and worship and we'll finish around 4.15 followed by brews and cakes... perfect if you've never experienced church before and if this is your 'first Sunday', and will inspire you if you're already a believer! Come along! Bring a friend! Hope you can join us in the morning or the afternoon this coming 'First Sunday'.

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